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Hermanowski Family Foundation Initial Request Form

Organization Name: Miami Book Fair
Legal Name (if Different):
Also Known As:
Mailing Address: 300 NE 2nd Avenue, Freedom Tower 7th Floor
City: Miami
State: FL
Postal Code: 33132
Main Phone: 305-237-7847
Main Fax: 305-237-3258
Organization Website:
Employer ID Number: 59-6169745
Organization Tax Status: Non-Profit

Proposal Information

Today’s Date: 3/28/2019
Requested Amount: 10,000

Project Title: Generation Genius Authors and Speak Up
Project Description:

The Generation Genius Authors (GGA) program at Miami Book Fair encourages local students of all ages to read and write by connecting them with world-renowned authors of popular children’s books. What started out as a single day program with three visiting authors, has grown to include 25+ author sessions for schoolchildren, 31+ outreach visits, four writing workshops, a Teen Press Conference, and much more. More than 8,400 students from 111 South Florida schools participated in last year’s program, and we distributed more than 7,000 free children’s books at author sessions at the Fair. As we enter our 36th year of the Fair, we respectfully request a grant of $10,000 from the Charles and Joan Hermanowski Foundation.

Of these funds, $5,000 would help underwrite the costs of the GGA program. The remaining $5,000 of the grant would help us kickstart Speak Up, a youth spoken word program launching in the Fall of 2019 as part of a brand-new series of Miami Book Fair youth programs designed through a rigorous and comprehensive strategic planning process overseen by the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The goal of Speak Up is to support the personal and artistic growth of teenagers in Miami Dade County by presenting after-school and weekend creative writing and publishing workshops. Taught by leading authors and performers in safe spaces throughout the County, these workshops will focus on cultivating the creative writing process in spoken word and performance poetry while providing a healthy and constructive haven for teens, a particularly vulnerable youth demographic. A second phase of the program will include the development of a Youth Advisory Board, and coaching for an official Miami Book Fair team to perform at local, regional, and national Slam Poetry Competitions for youth.

Total Project Budget: 150,000

Other Funding
Sources For The Project (Committed & Potential): Generation Genius Authors is supported annually by a number of funders including the Batchelor Foundation, Royal Caribbean, Peacock Foundation, Alvah H. and Wyline P. Chapman Foundation, Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation, The Children’s Trust, Publix Super Market Charities, Cowles Charitable Trust. We will also be reaching out to a number of prospective funders this year. Additionally, we are currently fundraising for the Speak Up program and our other new programs through our Campaign for the Future, created through our comprehensive strategic planning process. We are also reaching out to a number of prospective funders specifically for the Speak Up program including the Peacock Foundation, Miami Foundation, Michael de Armas, Brian Pearlin, and others.

Project Duration: The Generation Genius Authors program will happen November 17th - 24th, 2019. Speak Up is a year round program
Geographical Area Served: Miami Dade County
Age Group To Be Served: 5 - 18

Contact Information

Contact Prefix (Mr,Mrs etc.): Mr.
Contact First Name: Corey
Contact Last Name: Lewis
Contact Title: Manager of Corporate Relations
Contact Phone: 305-237-7847
Contact Email:

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