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Hermanowski Family Foundation Initial Request Form

Organization Name: Children’s Resources
Legal Name (if Different): Children’s Resource Fund, Inc.
Also Known As: CRF
Mailing Address: 8571 SW 112th Street
City: Miami
State: Florida
Postal Code: 33156
Main Phone: 3055966966
Main Fax: 3055961186
Organization Website:
Employer ID Number: 59-2712689
Organization Tax Status: Tax Exempt

Proposal Information

Today’s Date: March 22, 2019
Requested Amount: 10,000

Project Title: Music Therapy Program
Project Description:

Children’s Resources would like to provide Music Therapy one time per week for 30 minutes in each grade level Pre-Kindergarten (children ages 2 to 4 years) through fifth grade, for a total of 9 classrooms. The goal of this project is to address delays that are exhibited by our special needs students. Specific goals will include, increasing communication, improving academics/development, motor and social skills. Additionally, maladaptive behaviors and emotional concerns can be targeted.
The American Music Therapy Association, sites various research and evidence based support to provide Music Therapy for children with special needs. They state, “connections between speech and signing, rhythm and motor behavior, memory for song and memory for academic material, and overall ability of preferred music to enhance mood, attention and behavior to optimize the students’ ability to learn and interact.” Standley, (1996) noted the positive effects of Music Therapy and learning among children diagnosed with special needs. Also, in his review of the literature it was determined that music could be used as a reinforcer for these children to accomplish their educational and therapeutic goals.
Children’s Resources serves 90 children and their families daily. 50% of those children are of Hispanic descent, 30% are Caucasian, 15% are African American and 5% are Asian or Pacific Islanders. 85% of the students have been formally diagnosed with a developmental delay or mental health disorder.

This project will be for the 2019-2020 school year (10 months). It is expected that providing music therapy will assist in improving our student’s assessment scores in each area of their development based on the Battelle Developmental Inventory in the pre-school classes and the NWEA Maps assessment in the elementary classrooms along with a Music Therapy assessment that target goals established in Individual Education Plans.

Total Project Budget: $13, 837.50

Other Funding
Sources For The Project (Committed & Potential): Children’s Resources will fund the remaining funds by hosting in house fundraisers such as Bake sales, movie nights, pizza sales, family nights and our annual Gala celebration.

Project Duration: 10 months
Geographical Area Served: Miami Dade County
Age Group To Be Served: 2-11 years old

Contact Information

Contact Prefix (Mr,Mrs etc.): Mrs. Gigi Del Valle
Contact First Name: Gigi
Contact Last Name: Del Valle
Contact Title: Executive Director
Contact Phone: 3055966966
Contact Email:

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